About Us

We are the Water Connection at MSU

Michigan State University has established the MSU Water Science Network to advance innovative science that addresses the most important water problems facing society across the globe. Academic institutions are being asked to form and nurture transdisciplinary teams of researchers—scientists, engineers, economists, and those interested in public policy—to address society’s greatest challenges. One of those challenges is providing people around the world with access to clean, affordable water while maintaining healthy, sustainable aquatic ecosystems. The Water Science Network pulls the efforts of MSU’s water faculty and programs together to address this critical global need.

What We Do

The Water Science Network isn’t just a website. Our goal is to build rapid synergies and working relationships among faculty, facilitate joint research grants, and promote MSU as a center of excellence in water. We offer networking opportunities and other events to build these relationships and promote interdisciplinary collaboration across campus. We also design and implement innovative programs to support research ideas and bolster grant funding.

Our Network of Faculty

Our network is composed of over 100 faculty from across campus- see the breakdown by college below. To learn more about our faculty, please see the People page.

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources


College of Natural Science


College of Social Science


College of Engineering


College of Human Medicine


College of Communication Arts & Sciences
Lyman Briggs College


James Madison College