The MSU WaterCube Program stimulates new multidisciplinary collaborations and novel water research ideas with minimal investment of college funds and faculty time spent on developing internal grant proposals. The program creates tokens, each worth $20,000 in research spending over two years, and awards them to individual faculty members. Faculty members then form teams of at least three token holders, one of whom must be new to the team, to create a WaterCube. Each WaterCube is thus provided with at least $60,000 to be spent over two years to pursue promising research ideas. Written proposals are not required – if members of a WaterCube agree on a worthy water project, then the project is a go. WaterCubes are expected to produce external grant proposals and peer-reviewed publications, and document evidence of progress through annual WaterCube meetings with peers.

The MSU Water Science Network is pleased to announce the final WaterCube teams! We are very excited to see the WaterCubes create new multidisciplinary collaborations and tackle novel water research ideas.
WaterCubes: Check here to see a list of funded WaterCubes

WaterCube Program description (pdf)

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